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Birkat Moshe Maale Adumim

Advanced Learning in an Israeli environment

Yeshivat Birkat Moshe – Maale Adumim is an elite Israeli hesder Yeshiva. The Yeshiva has a dedicated program for overseas students (Chutznikim) to come learn and fully integrate with Israeli society. The program’s Rabbi, director, and madrichim help the students learn and thrive in Yeshiva throughout the year, and provide special programming including shabbatonim and tiyulim. The learning in the Yeshiva is all in Hebrew, and at a highly advanced level.  In addition to the Hebrew curriculum, the program’s staff teach the students in English to help them fully comprehend the material and create a more comfortable learning environment.

Students seeking a highly motivated place for Torah learning in a religious Zionist Hebrew atmosphere will feel right at home. The overseas program is designed to help the students absorb Israel to their core; from the land, to the people, and of course its Torah.


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